Finally picked up another book after four whole months and I am so glad that it was Mort.

Mort cover

Mort is incredibly easy to digest and with just the right amount of absurdism and logic. Though I was expecting things to be a bit more absurd thanks to all the hype couple of people made for it.

Both the plots were very entertaining: Mort's naivete dooming the entire reality and Death's existential crisis. But I do wish we got more of Death; Fingers crossed for the upcoming books.


I was expecting the book to be pretty weird given the necromancy but I couldn't have asked for a better start that left me confused.

The plot of Gideon the Ninth is decent; It's the characters and the delivery that make you like the story. Muir handles the unconventional fantasy really well and thankfully doesn't make things grotesque for the sake of it; Just the right amount of dark.

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For a good part, I can't say I relate to Nora, but there is a lot I can appreciate about the book, and I don't mean just the magical realism. But yes, the idea of the midnight library and its execution is quite well done. Also, Haig spends just the perfect amount of time in each life and utilizes them well to demonstrate various life points; Never sounding preachy. While I don't think it was the best end as things end a bit too well IMO, but overall The Midnight Library was a great experience.

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No Longer Human provides a great depiction of a young man driven to ruin and isolation thanks to a severe case of anxiety, depression, and alcohol and drug abuse. There is also a nonchalant flow to the writing that makes it very natural and real. Also, given that the book is small, Dazai does a fantastic job conveying emotions as there were points where I felt quite uncomfortable to go on.

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Not sure what this behavior is called but people will overrate things in their early stages of discovery, such as a genre, medium, or art. And, that is exactly the reason why I chose to reread Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone about a year after I first read it; To test this behavior. The new medium for me was books and turns out I was quite right about overrating things early on.

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Having barely read books before, I remember quite liking the first book of the series. On the reread, however, I do not think I would read any of the sequels if I were to judge it based on just this one. While I know the story is good, thanks to the movies and the earlier read, the way it is written is quite bad. The world-building is okay at best, foreshadowing is next to nothing, barely any characters are established, and "Oh, how convenient" felt jarringly strong this time around. It reads no better than fanfiction. And, I do not think the target audience is an excuse enough for how it is written

Not sure if I'll continue to experiment as I feel like it'll only ruin this series for me.