The Path of Daggers (The Wheel of Time, Book 8) - Robert Jordan


"Not liking something does not mean you dislike it." That's about how I feel about The Path of Daggers.

A Path of Daggers book cover

It opens incredibly slow and has a ton of things that feel unnecessary. If they are actually important, then that might not have been the best way to do write them because a first-timer like me is likely going to find them frustrating. Though I never found it a chore to read the book, I did not enjoy it either and liked only about three things.

Spoilers Ahead

It is nice to see WOT go from fun little adventure to Rand having to kill his subordinates as they go insane. That said, not a lot of change with other characters in terms of growth. Egwene's plotline is interesting albeit a tad bit forced.

Nynaeve and Elyane's storyline is excruciatingly slow and unnecessarily prolonged. The only neat thing was the explosion that Elyane caused.

I would write about Mat but it seems even the book forgot about him too.