Lord of Chaos (The Wheel of Time, #6) - Robert Jordan


I had to take a break from Wheel of Time but it is great to be back after being away for almost 6 months. Which is exactly what makes me question what I think of the first half of the book. I like the second half very much but I am not sure why I do not like the first. Could be that when I read it I was fatigued by the series after reading 5 books straight. Or, has the slog finally started?

Lord of Chaos book cover

The Adventure genre shed by TWOT seems quite distant now, and with 8 more books to go I wonder if it is the political aspect that people keep referring to as the slog; I don't think I would mind if done right. I honestly can't think of anything else that warrants 8 more books considering the story so far.

Spoilers Ahead

Loved storylines for both the Rand and the Black Tower; Can't wait to see what happens there. And, Dumai's Well battle was fantastic.

Though it was hinted earlier that Egwene will become an Amyrlin, it was quite sudden and happened much earlier than I had expected; Very much looking forward to that playing out. Gawyn and her getting together was just weird. Not that most relationships have started well in TWOT except for maybe Rand and Min.

Also, my dislike for the Trakand family grows more with each book. Though for others it is more of I like to dislike them, Elayne is just annoying.