Autumn - Ali Smith


The cover looks so great! I knew I had to read Autumn.


It is about a friendship between an old man and a young/adult girl. It was about art, a sexual scandal, an artist, Brexit?, a strange conversation style, and much more. This in addition to unusual time and space jumps (some imaginative places too) makes it quite a difficult read. Despite that, I appreciate the style; There is a certain wit to it. Though I have to admit that there were a couple of pages I did not understand what was going on.

I see that in their review, a few people mention how the book is arrogant with all the references to art; Next thing you know, people are going to complain that there is math in their physics textbooks. As far as I see it, the art is handled quite well. Also, it was great to learn the story of Christine Keeler and lookup Pauline Boty's paintings & collages.

The portrayal of friendship between Elisabeth and Mr. Gluck is great and the interactions in the post office are a lot of fun.

Autumn was a nice book.