Crossroads of twilight (The Wheel of Time, Book 10) - Robert Jordan


Nowhere as bad as I had heard it to be! Though that might have been because I went in with pretty low expectations.

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Spoilers Ahead

Characters barely did much so I am guessing the aim was character development.

I feel like Jordan is setting up Egwene to be someone readers will love to hate. She was always stubborn but not that ambitious; Here we have her talking about how her great legacy she will leave behind! Probably will end taking everything wrong about Aes Sedai trying to be perfect.

Perrin torturing people was pretty heavy. How far we have come with a sweet kind boy.

Rather intrigued to see what happens with Mat and Tuon since she definitely seems up to something. Tylin is dead! Wow, that is so much better than what I could have asked for.