Knife of Dreams (The Wheel of Time, Book 11) - Robert Jordan


And the journey with Robert Jordon comes to an end...

Knife of Dreams - book cover

Knife of Dreams would have been one of my favorite Wheel of Time books if not for Elyane and Perrin. Elayne is still Elayne and Perrin's plot improved a bit but not good enough. Both take a good chunk of the book too. The good thing is both of these story arcs seem to have reached conclusion (fingers crossed).

Spoilers Ahead

Mat got the most spotlight and how could that ever not be a good thing. His and Tuon's relationship seems the only earned one besides Rand and Min, and his tactics always make a great read. I'm not one to crave romance in fantasy but if it has to be done, this was a great way to do it.

Nynaeve's highlight was awesome! She has been quite likable since she got rid of her block.

Egwene's part was good though a bit forced. Things are working out too well for her and it never felt she was built up for some things.

Rand didn't get a big chunk but it was still a lot of fun. Finally, Lews Therin's threat feels very real and they even captured a Forsaken. Though he got his hands on the male a'dam and I don't understand that choice by Jordan so intrigued to see where he was taking this.

Moiraine is still alive! Yay!!! Though it seems she won't be back soon considering the name "Towers of Midnight"

Just an observation/theory, it seems that Jordan wanted the 3 Seanchan storylines to converge at the same time (Perrin's, Rand's, Tuon's) hence the "necessary" lengthening of Perrin's plot. But, he should have really just omitted it or put in as a flashback.